Review: Napa Mount Pleasant

It should be no surprise that this amateur food blogger resides in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina.  My boyfriend (Bryan) and I moved here from the Florida Keys in September 2016. What a life, right?

With the world as our oyster, we set our sights on exploring the Southeast. We were adamant about landing in a cool coastal town with a great culture (i.e. music, history, FOOD etc.). Consequently, Charleston was the winner.

We’ve been here almost a year, and I have to admit that we’ve only scratched the surface. Bryan and I attempt to try a new restaurant every time we go out, but sometimes we just crave our favorites. This leads me to Napa Mount Pleasant.

I hate to confess that we rarely stumble upon a good restaurant serendipitously. I’m a planner. I make a point to try and find good restaurants, leaving little room for fate to decide. Napa Mount Pleasant was the exception. Ever hear of the expression, “Location is everything”? Napa is located in the Mt. Pleasant Towne Center, and while Mt. Pleasant Towne Center is not quite East Bay Street, Napa’s location is the very reason we tried it. It’s right beside the local movie theater.

Napa Mount Pleasant is a California-inspired restaurant with an emphasis on good wine, fresh food and exceptional service. Surprisingly, a restaurant group out of Charlotte owns the restaurant, along with several Ruth Chris Steakhouses. Seems totally random, but I can dig it.

As the name implies, Napa aims to embody the very essence of the Napa Valley in California. There’s wine on tap and decorative bottles used as centerpieces. The whole place is aesthetically pleasing, and the menu is loaded with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. And for someone who has never been to the West Coast, even I can spot the Wine Country vibes from this understated corner spot.

The coolness doesn’t stop there. There is complimentary bread and pomegranate infused butter. I’ll repeat: Pomegranate. Infused. Butter. It’s exceptional, and almost worth striking a loved one for the last bite. Not to mention, when the hostess seats you, he or she will ask for your name so that the server can personalize your experience. The attention to detail is impressive and highly underrated. These details set the tone for the rest of your dining experience.

If you’re as lucky as we are, you’ll go on an evening that Sean is working. Sean is exceptional server that remembers us every single time. We found common ground while being carded, and he made a genuine connection that didn’t have to happen. Sean is warm, attentive and sharp. Most importantly, he goes the extra mile for us on a personal and professional level. We highly recommend Sean. Please go sit in his section. You won’t regret it.

I know, I know. I haven’t even gotten to the menu, but I’d like to make a side note. I’m a darn right passionate about good customer service. A restaurant is nothing without good service. You can have the most incredible menu, but if you have crappy service, I guarantee you’ll leave with a bad taste in your mouth. Now back to the food…

Napa’s menu is broad and simple, yet carefully crafted. Options include everything from a braised short rib to a grilled salmon Caesar. It’s a creative blend of domestic ingredients that are sure to please a variety of palates. My personal favorite is actually a small plate: the beef carpaccio. The flavor is immense for such a light dish. Napa’s carpaccio is served with Worcestershire aioli, pickled red onion, arugula, shaved paive, white truffle oil and grilled ciabatta, The crisp balance of flavors is refreshing, and its subtle diversity of textures is spot-on. It’s my definition of perfect.

Napa may not be a renowned restaurant on the peninsula or a staple on Shem Creek, but it has the same class and quality (if not better!) without the crowds. The next time you’re in Mount Pleasant, check it out. Go for brunch, lunch or dinner, and I guarantee you’ll thank me later.

One thought on “Review: Napa Mount Pleasant

  1. GFray says:

    Nice blog sailor mouth! Actually a really nice blog. And I have a tip for you. Come to Richmond more often, and between your mom and Kim and the way they can cook, you could blog forever and never pay for another meal! Keep up the good work. 143


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